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We hear your struggles, frustrations and angst that, as women, YOUR CHALLENGES are:

In response to all that; we want you to know that WOW exist to SUPPORT YOU! 

When I started this group in my dining room in 2013 with just a hand full of women keen to learn more about leveraging property, I have to admit I couldn’t understand why so many people would pay big money for property courses and never do anything with it. One of the things that I have recognised over the years is that there are two fundamental elements that hold women back. It’s because (a) they don’t feel supported and (b) are afraid of making mistakes. WOW Property Women was born to respond to this need.

You would possibly know already, that I am working on some pretty significant developments right now, along-side some pretty experienced property developers. To get to where I am today, I had to become a real ‘Action Taker’ – and someone who had to learn to accept support and to not be afraid of making mistakes. Trust me, I have made many mistakes. It is all a part of the process. But now I make far fewer – thanks to my Mentors and my team. And while it’s important to be inspired to see what is possible with the size and scale of the projects that I am involved in; it is just as important to understand that nobody makes it this level – without support.

So, ladies – we have made it our mission to create that support for YOU.

Women coaching

This is for YOU, this is about learning from credible and experienced professionals - to work SMARTER (not harder) in order to LAUNCH YOUR PROJECT FASTER!

Lorna is ready to help you get started too!

Through WOW Property Women and the sharing of her mentors and colleagues as guest speaker at events, Lorna shares her ‘Words Of Wisdom’ in the hope that she can impart insights that empower and inspire other women to find their own inner courage and confidence to take action; to create their own wealth through property development.

Introducing Our Coaches

Hand-picked successful property developers from within the WOW Property Women Community to help you!

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Access to our coaching team is for active subscribers only. 

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And here’s the awesome news. You are not locked into expensive courses that may or may not serve your needs. We understand that you all have individual needs. You are at different stages of the property journey. You have different family situations; different ages. That is why a general packaged program won’t motivate you to take action.

So, if you have declared that 2020 is YOUR YEAR to take action, then this is for you. Join now and click 'LAUNCH' to get started!


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This is EXCLUSIVE for ‘Elevate Support’ members – and is being offered for FREE only for the next 30 days!! So yes, you do need to be an ‘Elevate Support’ Member. And there are some pretty good reason why!

Get started now!

Here is a HUGE helping hand for you to accelerate your success and Launch your project – with a FREE “Personalised One-On-One Strategy Session” with one of our awesome Coaches to the value of $495.00. Yes it’s FREE. WHY?! – Because we are Women supporting Women who are serious about Property Investing & Development.

Become an 'Elevate' Member

There’s some great reasons as to why you should become an Elevate member at WOW Property Women.

  1. Should you chose to take your coaching opportunity beyond the first ‘Strategy Session’ (in an agreed arrangement with your support coach), you will need to be surrounded with the support that this community brings with other ‘Like Minded’ women who are dealing with stuff in a male-dominated field.
  2. You need to harness the pearls of wisdom, experience and insights of the industry expert presenters we bring to our Monthly Meetups – this is GOLD
  3. You will have access and direction to all the resources within the Membership Hub which include:
    1. Video recording of Meetups and Interviews. There are over 20 Interviews from High Net Worth Property Developers for you to watch with some absolute ‘pearls of wisdom’ amongst them. For example: secrets from our Acquisition Expert – Alan Wheeler that he uses to find ‘Off Market’ properties.
    2. Insights from the ‘Insider Investor Report’ that are sent out to the syndicate of investors in a ‘Real Live’ project.
    3. Be inspired to grow to a whole new level with the empowering series of ‘Who I must BE-come’ to be a successful property developer. This is a life changing experience to personally transform your life through understanding your own DNA around communications, values and default characteristics.
    4. You’ll have the ability to go back and watch the recordings on demand
    5. You can even access the slides from the Meetup Events
  4. The power of community – don’t feel isolated. We will be doing our best to get us all connected and plugged-in as if we are running live events – until such time as we can get together in person again.
  5. J.V. & syndication opportunities with projects that have gone under serious scrutiny and due diligence; have a team with a proven track record; and have the evidence to support future profits.
  6. Your opportunity to have a ‘Hot Seat Sessions’ with our team of experts if you have a property project that needs a Due Diligence Health Check.
  7. Access to the women that have gone before you in the transition from a day JOB – to running their own full-time property development business.

So, if you are ready to prove that you are an ‘action taker’ and are prepared to back yourself to becoming a serious property developer.

This will help you to not only LAUNCH into the project that you have your eye set on. It will also help you to not make the many common mistakes that most rookies make.
This is not for those of you who want to be a ‘solo operator’ and go the journey alone. As I have testified in many of my interviews, this is the one BIG MISTAKE that I learned the hard way.

My recommendation – DON’T GO IT ALONE! It doesn’t mean you can’t do deals on your own. It just means that my recommendation is to have a tried and trusted coach walking beside you, so that you are less likely to stumble and fall flat on your face – like I did as a ‘Solo Operator’.


This is really about getting you to take action. Done beats perfect. Just one foot in front of the other. That’s all you need to do. Our team will hold your hand and support you – when you need it.

We all need coaches. We all need mentors. People that have done what it is that YOU are wanting to do. I honestly could not be doing the huge amount of development I am currently involved in, without my mentors. There is a coach or a mentor who can help you LAUNCH. This is not a course. This is coaching one-on-one!

I never do life without a coach or mentor, for many areas of my life. I have spent over $250k on educating myself and being mentored. So, here’s the best tip I can give you, IF YOU ARE READY…

Invest in yourself.

Get a personalised one-on-one coach who will help you fast-track; show you the path of least resistance; and help you avoid the rookie errors.

Don’t wait.

Don’t let the upcoming property opportunities pass you by.

Step 1.

Join our ‘Elevate Support’ Community.

Step 2.

Get a coach and get prepared.

No Risk.

No Locked In contract for 12 months.

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work that you do for us! The opportunity to tap into the wisdom of yourself and others so thank you so much!"
Laura Anderson
Sunshine Coast

Launch Your Project!

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Access to our coaching team is for active subscribers only. 

Join WoW Property Women today to find out more!

After your free consultation the coaching will revert to a user pay system. You only pay for coaching when and if you need it. You are not locked in for a set timeframe. You may need an hour per week. You may need 4 hours in one week and nothing in the next. This whole process is customised to suite YOUR needs.

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