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Further your property development journey with WOW Property Women! We exist to empower, inspire, and add great value to the lives of women.

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WOW Property Women exists to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and add great VALUE to the lives of women in the area of wealth creation through property development. 


If you are looking for support, inspiration, and encouragement from like-minded property women in a welcoming environment, where you can ask questions to a network of experienced, action taking property developers – we invite you to become an Elevate Member!


By joining this amazingly supportive group of women led by trailblazer Lorna Willis, you will increase the chance of gaining the confidence you need to take your next step into your own property development journey.

Launched Projects:

Building a property portfolio is hard when you’re on your own. That’s why we’re here.

We’ve helped many budding property developers accelerate the growth of their property business, through expert insights and strategies from successful entrepreneurs and developers who have found success through their own approaches to development.

Lorna is a trailblazer for women in property development having overcome many hurdles to achieve success.
In what has been a male dominant industry for much of her journey, Lorna learned as a pioneer that she would experience and need to overcome many challenges to arrive on top. This, in addition to the challenges that ever project brings on a day to day basis at the same time as priding herself in raising a beautiful family – has been the inspiration behind the initiative for ‘Words of Wisdom’ for Property Women.
Lorna is now recognised as a serious property developer with a list of achievements to her credit that extend to over $100million.

With her finger ever on the pulse, Lorna is able to provide real-life insight into how WOW Property Group run property development projects and shares this with the WOW Property Women Elevate Membership.

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