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Real women doing real deals and supporting other entrepreneurs to create wealth through Property

Involved in over $100million worth of Property Development Projects.

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Real women doing real deals and supporting other entrepreneurs to create wealth through Property

Involved in over $100million worth of Property Development Projects.

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Ever wondered how women become successful in Property and able to achieve their own Financial Freedom?

It’s the power we draw from having role models; by keeping good company with like-minded women who encourage, support, share knowledge and inspire us.


Yes – we know we are unique and boutique. And that’s what sets us apart.

Listen to the podcast below as we find out how Lorna Willis does it! Lorna is a self-confessed rule-breaker, glass ceiling smasher, motorbike rider, mother, speaker and a developer of property, people & purpose. Founder of WOW Group and WOW Property Women and developer of Lowanna Beach Resort, Lorna Willis has a story that covers almost every genre you can think of, and her property story continues as she forges her way forward being involved in some pretty significant developments. However, she can also relate to heartache, challenges, and deceit as part of that journey; and yet through persistence and passion, she continues with poise to build a solid, reputable name as a remarkable female property developer.


Having experienced much of her journey pioneering in a male dominated world, where she was often not taken seriously, Lorna has developed the character and skills needed to earn her mutual respect, chalking up some significant wins along the way. Despite a string of near-crushing events, including the impact of the GFC; nearly dying in a car accident and then later being swindled for more than $1.5 million while she recovered; Lorna has developed incredible fortitude, strategies, networks and respect, and now wants to help other women to break through their barriers and achieve the same.


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WOW Property Women exists to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and add great VALUE to the lives of women in the area of wealth creation through property.


If you are looking for support, inspiration, and encouragement from like-minded property women in a welcoming environment, where you can ask questions to a network of experienced, action taking property developers and investors – we invite you to Join Us!


By joining this amazingly supportive group of women led by trailblazer Lorna Willis, you will increase the chance of gaining the confidence you need to take your next step along in your own property journey.

The Power of Finding Your TRIBE

Real Women doing the Real Deals

Set myself up for Retirement in 1 Deal

Need MOTIVATION!! – then you need to read Lorna’s story and be inspired to a whole new level.

Lorna is a trailblazer for women in property development having overcome many hurdles to achieve success.

In what has been a male dominant industry for much of her journey, Lorna learned as a pioneer that she would experience and need to overcome many challenges to arrive on top. This, in addition to the challenges that ever project brings on a day to day basis – at the same time  as juggling a beautiful family has been the inspiration behind the initiative to create a powerhouse support network for Property Women.

Lorna is now recognised as a serious property developer with a list of achievements to her credit that extend to over $100million.

Recently recognised in the ‘Top 100 Inspirational Women on the Sunshine Coast’ 

Join these savvy women who are growing their wealth; protecting their assets; and building their legacy.

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