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‘WOW’ represents ‘Women Owning our Wins’. We are all on the journey to learn more and achieve more, and we do this best by supporting one another.

Lorna Willis

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Join this powerful and insightful group of women who have a common mission to build their own wealth through successful property development. Suitable for those starting out all the way through to the determined women looking at executing massive, large-scale developments.


For a monthly rollover of $67 (less than the price of a cappuccino a day) you will have access to this gym for your property mindset which includes:

Inspirational Community Benefits

  1. Being mentored by women who lead extraordinary lives
  2. Hearing from credible and renowned guest speakers
  3. Sharing unique & secured opportunities
  4. Accountability & partnership opportunities
  5. In-house group dynamics of learning through a group mastermind process

Personal Benefits

  1. Open up the mind to what can be possible through inspirational examples
  2. Provided with an environment to explore opportunities & discover potential
  3. To be motivated and lift knowledge to a whole new level and experience
  4. Enable leverage through insights, affiliates, power think tanks and referrals
  5. Guided to define a strategic Blueprint with deliverable outcomes

While WOW Property Women is designed for women, by women, we certainly are not opposed to sharing the journey with men. In fact, brilliant men are part of many of our property development teams. However, we recognise that there are a specific set of challenges experienced by women when operating in this environment and it’s those areas of concern we address and provide special insights, inspiration and tools to overcome.


As you grow on your property development journey, WOW Property Women are here to support you at every stage. Get started today!

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